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WE CARE Animal Rescue Support Program

Here at Pawskies our We Care about Pets, People and the Planet mission helps guide us as a company. We strive each and every day to help in any and all ways that we can.


Recently a customer of ours sent us an article about a fairly popular program that is closing in February 2023. The program was originally designed by an online

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retailer to help bring awareness and financial relief to non-profit organizations, many of these organizations depend on this program, even if sometimes it just covers one bag of food.

This program brought hope, help, and happiness to all who benefited from it and to those who supported it. Some of the many organizations that benefited were right here in our wonderful home state of NH.


The moment we learned of this unfortunate news we knew we had to try to help, and we have been working hard on a plan of action. 


In an effort to do what we can for those who need and deserve it, we have taken our current -We Care- platform one step further. We have dedicated thousands of products to help support this cause and have labeled them with the We    Care Ribbon so you know when you are selecting one of these rescue-supporting products.


Here’s how it works:

While shopping on Pawskies you are sure to come across many of the We Care labeled products. Each Product has a rescue or non profit that it helps support,

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there are over 50 Nh Non-profits that will benefit. For every We Care product sold, we will donate 5% of the products price to the NH local 501(c)3 Non-Profit that the particular product supports.


As part of the community here in NH, we truly care about what’s happening. We want to help, and we are always actively on the lookout for new ways that we might be of service to the pets and people in our community.


The program launched on Monday, January 22nd and will support over 50 NH Organizations.


Now every time you shop, you can help Pawskies support local NH Nonprofit pet organizations.


Thank you, NH Nonprofits, for all you do! Thank you to all those shoppers out there who support local! 


We look forward to this program blossoming and welcome and encourage you all to connect with us and join the cause!


Together we are strong and together we can do anything!


Pawskies is in no way affiliated with any of these organizations that we support through this program. We are just trying to do our part by giving back and helping to suppot NH's Pets.


If you would like any information on this program or if you are a local Licensed 501(c)3 Animal Organization in NH and are not part of this program, please contact us at

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