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Zoo Med Paludarium Hood UVB

Zoo Med Paludarium Hood perfectly fits 12-inch wide paludariums or naturalistic terrariums. The hood is designed to hold incandescent heat lamp up to 60 watts. It features a built-in reflector that enhances the heat inside. Moreover, it also allows UVB penetration in a terrarium that helps in overall well being of reptiles. UVB stimulates appetite and activity in reptiles. Easy to use, it comes with an on/off switch which is conveniently located on the back of the hood.

  • Best suits 12 inch paludarium
  • Allows UVB Penetration in terrarium
  • Features built-in reflector the increases heat

Zoo Med is one of the most reputable companies in the reptile business. They make a wide range of reptile accessories and treats.

Zoo Med Paludarium Hood UVB


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