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Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat

The Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat is perfect for making your reptile feel at home! This durable screen cage provides open-air circulation to replicate the natural environment of tree-dwelling reptiles. Perfect for creating tropical and desert fresh air habitats! Easy to assemble and ideal for a wide variety of small reptiles.

  • Create tropical and desert fresh air environments
  • Provides open-air circulation for tree-dwelling reptiles
  • Durable, long-lasting construction and easy to assemble

Made with a tough black mesh that will not rip or scratch, this sturdy anodized aluminum frame is built to last. The PVC plastic bottom allows for easy cleaning and the cord port offers convenient wiring of other power accessories.

Ideal for: Chameleons, Crested Geckos, Anoles and Day Geckos.

Additional Features:

  • Simple assembly aluminum frame offers long lasting sturdiness
  • Escape proof, strong black mesh screen
  • Durable and water resistant PVC bottom
  • Cord access port for use of power cords and tubing

Note: Product is cage ONLY - Does not include plants or decorations.

Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat

PriceFrom $49.53