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WavePoint HO-T5 Blue Wave Actinic 460nm Lamps

Wave Point SuperBlue 460 High Output T5 Actinic lamps combine 2 different color spectrums (blue light and Reef wave 420 nm actinic light) to emit an ideal spectrum for promoting healthy growth of photosynthetic corals.

  • High lumen per watt ratio
  • Optimum color rendition
  • Low operating temperature

Each lamp provides 460nm actinic blue light, as well as the same output as a WavePoint Reef Wave Super Violet O3 Actinic 420nm light. This lighting combination aids in photosynthetic coral growth as well as enhancing natural coral colors. The lamp is a universal replacement for industry standard high output T5 fixtures. For use in saltwater reef or live-planted aquariums.

WavePoint HO-T5 Blue Wave Actinic 460nm Lamps