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Spot Posture Pro Double Diner - Stainless Steel & Cherry Wood

The Spot Posture Pro Double Diner by Spot in Cherry finish is a beautifully crafted dinner table for your dogs. Posture Pro Double Diners are built to help maintain a perfect posture through your pets life and adjusts to multiple heights.

  • Helps pets maintain perfect posture
  • Adjusts to multiple heights
  • Promotes better digestion for all breeds

Promotes better digestion and posture for all dog breeds. The legs are very sturdy and feature non-skid bottoms to eliminate spillage. Durable construction.

Each double diner comes with wood frame and 2 bowls - one for water and one for food.


  • 1 Pint: 15" L x 8" W, legs are 5" high. Bowls are 4.5" inner diameter x 2" deep
  • 1 Quart: 17" L x 9.5" W, legs adjust 5" to 7" high. Bowls are 5.5" x 2.5" deep
  • 2 Quart: 20.5" L x 11" W, legs adjust 8" to 12" high. Bowls are 7.5" x 3" deep
  • 3 Quart: 24" L x 13" W, legs adjust 11" to 18" high. Bowls are 8.75" x 3" deep

Spot Posture Pro Double Diner - Stainless Steel & Cherry Wood