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Rio Phos Pad - Universal Filter Pad

The Rio Phos Pad is a universal filter media that provides two types of filtration in one. This versatile pad is treated with special elements to reduce phosphate levels and remove free-floating particles in your aquarium or pond, and can be cut to fit a variety of filtration systems to keep your water clean and healthy.

  • 2-in-1 filter pad
  • Reduces phosphate levels and removes free-floating debris
  • Universal filter pad - just cut to fit
  • For freshwater aquatic environments

Use in virtually any type of aquatic filtering system, including: Hang On Back filters, Canister filters, Wet and Dry filters, Top filters, Internal filters and Pond filters.

The Rio Phos Pad is designed and treated with elements that will help remove and control the buildup of phosphates (a common source of algae). This tightly woven mechanical filter pad also removes fine and coarse particles from your aquarium or pond, preventing the biological media from becoming clogged. The Phos Pad is not a substitute for good aquarium maintenance practices; use as a preventative or treatment aid, not as a cure for prolonged high phosphate concentrations.

1. Cut the Phos Pad slightly larger than required.
2. Verify that the pad fits and trim if needed.
3. Rinse in tap water to remove dust and place in filter.

Replace every 4-6 weeks, or when required.

Important: The microscopic pores in the pad can fill up. Once filled all toxins will be released back into your aquarium, so it is VERY important to replace regularly.

Active Ingredients: Cooper as elemental and TiO2

Rio Phos Pad - Universal Filter Pad