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315 Unscented Earth Rated Bags on 21 Refill Rolls


Great for multi-dog homes


21 rolls means less time shopping, more time walking

Pairs perfectly with our dispenser

Also available in Lavender

Product Description

Fact: there’s no such thing as too many poop bags.

This trusty bulk pack contains 21 rolls, with 15 bags each, for a total of 315 Earth Rated-official bags. They’re thick, reliable, and leak-proof. Take your pick of Unscented for a classic cleanup, or Lavender-scented for a floral finish, and pop them into our dispenser for a perfect fit and flawless dispensing.

Whether you’re a dog walker, proud parent of a pup pack, or you just love dog poop bags (no judgment here!) this big value bulk box has got you covered.

315 Unscented Earth Rated Bags on 21 Refill Rolls