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Zoo Med Delux Porcelain Brooder Lamp - Black

Zoo Meds Deluxe Porcelain Brooder Lamp is a high quality, heavy gauge aluminum reflector dome. The heat resistant insulated porcelain socket handles is ideal for all types of reptile incandescent light sources.

  • High heat porcelain socket for up to 250 watts
  • Polished aluminum dome for maximum light and UV output
  • Includes On/Off switch for greater convenience

Additional features: Includes in-line on/off switch for convenient control. Hang-up hook for easier suspension over terrarium (works great with Zoo Meds Repti Lamp Stand). "Snap-on" bulb guard helps prevent accidental bulb breakage. Extra heavy gauge cord with polarized plug. For use with incandescent heat lamps, halogen lamps, and PowerSun UV Mercury Vapor lamps.


  • 10" Wide